SARBAY GIDA EGITIM GIYIM CELIK ORMAN URUNLERI SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI macaroni, tomato paste, rice, sunflower oil, cooking oil, edible oil, vegetable oil, corn oil
BEYDA GIDA URUNLERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S. Pudding, Confectionery Auxiliary Product, Grain Mix, Cake Mix, Pastry Product, Dessert, Powder Drink, Boullion
OZER GIDA SAN. VE DIS TIC. LTD.STI. Foods, Phyllo Dough, Phyllo Pastry, Olive, Olives, Marined Olives, Brined Olives, Brined Olive
MERSIN UN SAN VE TIC. A. S. Flour, Bread Flour, Biscuit Flour, Wheat Bran, Noodle Flour, Pizza Flour, Wheat Semolina, Corn Soya Blend
AYSE OZLEM TUTAR sunflower oil, flour, uco, corn, millet, maize, almond, pistachio

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Mersin Un is one of the leading wheat flour exporter in Turkey operating 56 years being the second generation of Dayi family. We have a daily capacity of 700 MT of wheat flour production and our factory is only 5 km away from Mersin International Port. Our regular markets are Middle East, Far East and African countries. We use domestic or imported Black Sea or European origin best quality raw materials (wheat) at our production. Mersin Un Facilities are located at a distance just 5 kms to the Mersin International Port which is the biggest port at the southern part of Turkey. Total factory area of Mersin Un is 65.500 m². 35.150m² of this space is factory area together with its 65.500MT wheat storing capacity; 11 steel silo (48.000MT ), 20 concrete silo (7.500MT ) and horizontal warehouses (10.000MT).
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We manufacture and supply sunflower oil , flour , cooking oil , soybean meal , uco , corn , millet , maize , almond , pistachio , nut, paper angle , cardboard palette , cylindrical bobbin , special cut corrugated , pizza box, plastic spoons , plastic fork , plastic knife , plastic , stirrer, icecream bowl , tray , bag , sack , big bag , papercup, paper bowl, plastic cone, medical device...
The company group which has been activating in distributing and marketing food industry for 30 years, in 2005 has decided to start production in 2005, completed the building of factory in a short time on 10.000 m2 area in Gaziantep and started production in its modern machine parks in 2006.. Our group which has been distributing high quality products for years, with respect to the consumer has applied the international quality standards ISO 9001 and TSE 22000 and has paid attention to production quality. It has made a principle to produce the highest quality products with its qualified professonal experienced staff. Forming regional distribution networkings in a short time, extending the distribution area to the whole country, our company shall contribute to national economy with export sales contacts abroad. Evren Kuruyemis, with its pack and poured kinds has been producing under hygienic conditions for the taste of consumers.
Beyda Gida was established in Beylikduzu, Istanbul on a 14900 square meter area in 2012. The company aims that provide the best service to its customers with its dynamic and experienced team on the food industry and being a leader on its sector. In our facility Ready-to-cook desserts, puddings, Pastry ancillary products, Cereal mixtures, cake mixtures, rice flour are produces and legumes are packed. Our products are served to the consumers with Beyda quality after raw materials, which taste and standard properties don't change are supplied and processed and controlled by an expert staff. Beyda Gida serves as a key supplier on EDT and retail sales to the leading entities on the Sector. Our products are supplied to the consumers with Beyda, Bizim Mutfak, Piyale brands in the supermarket chains, hypermarkets and wholesaler in Turkey. Furthermore, on the EDT sector ULKER - EKSPER is one of its key suppliers. Beyda Gida grows its export targets by 2016 and takes part on the world market with over 300 SKU. Our priority is to ensure customer satisfaction and provide the best service without compromising from quality and service.
Sarbay Foreign Trade Limited Company started its operations in 2012. The company has combined its know-how before establishing the company under a single roof. The company acts as an intermediary between its exporting partners and customers and the importing companies abroad. With its existing foreign relations, it has assumed the mission of business development in international markets. In Sarbay, we believe that protecting the benefit of our customers, and winning their trust should come above all gains. Providing high-quality services to our customers through effective and reliable teamwork represent the core of our values as a company. In 2012, SGI Plastic Machinery Mold Construction Auto was established to produce disposable plastic razor and bloodstone. SGI company is currently strengthening its brand image in the market via its high-quality products that have already offered to Europe, the Middle East, and Gulf countries. Through producing high quality, ease of use products which give confidence to the consumers in terms of hygiene, and trough production-based growth SGI Plastic aims to be the leader in its sector SARBAY Foreign Trade Company’s main concern besides, working together with SGI Plastic, is to find solutions to the problems faced by its partners' products in the market place. And through its wide range of products SARBAY, is constantly evaluating the market's need and upgrading its services accordingly. In all of our works, in addition to a successful team of scientists, high-tech Machinery Park and distinguished raw material manufacturers are used. Our higher aim is to sustain the structure which is dominated by the win & win system with our healthy and long-lasting customers.
Our company Ozer Gida San. ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. In 1994, based on the geographical and commercial importance of our region, the needs of the sector and the intense demands from the sector, it started its activities in the commercial field and then continued its activities in the import-export, logistics and food / catering sectors. Throughout the entire period of our establishment, our company is constantly developing and advancing, taking into account the changes in the market. Today, Ozer Gida San. ve Dis Tic. LLC. It is a successful, professional team ready to help its customers reach their goals. Ozer Gida San. ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti.. not just a trading firm, it is also a solution partner working for you in different fields. We will be happy to be with you in any subject you need.